Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Update: Home Study Approved

Holy smokes batman, it's been a long time since I've posted an update! Where do I even start...Excuse me while I scroll through instagram to remember what the last 8 weeks have looked liked.

Our biggest accomplishment in the last month was (drum roll please) completing our home study!! We are now an approved adoptive family and can be matched with a child from our agency's special needs listing. Did you read that?? We are now waiting for a phone call or email from our social worker with a name, photo, and medical info of our son or daughter!! The call could come later today or it might not come till September. For now, we just wait on God's perfect timing.

Standard Goods, our Etsy shop, has really taken off these past few weeks. We were so excited to be featured on Etsy's home page for a bit and that really drove traffic to our store and revved up our sales. Tim and I spend most every evening now cutting, oiling, and sewing leather goods. When we launched our lil' etsy shop back in October, our goal was to earn $5000 by the time we submitted our dossier in August. If sales continue at their current pace, we are estimating our total sales to be close to $8000. WE ARE OVERWHELMED by the favor God has shown us in this venture. Tim and I often joke about the reality that we are working to fund this adoption through making purses and dog collars. Never in a million years...

We recently sent off a few of the largest checks I've ever written to our agency. It is so awesome to have the money in our savings account to back up those checks. Even now, as the account begins to dwindle, we have such confidence that when the next payment is due, the money will be there. This process has been such a faith builder for our entire family. It is not uncommon for the kids and I to get the mail and for them to ask, "Is God mailing us money today?" I love that at ages 3 and 5 they already have such a testimony of God as a good provider.

Our dear friend and incredible photographer, Kelli Avila, blessed us with some adoption photos for us to use in sharing our story. I love them all so much!

To our son or daughter in China, 

We are working so hard to bring you home!! See you soon!