Monday, December 15, 2014

Falalalalala Fully Funded!

We are thrilled to announce that our adoption is FULLY FUNDED!! Every dollar we need to bring our little one home has been given to us from our faithful and generous God and we are overwhelmed with gratefulness.

It has been 15 months since we started this journey of adoption and 14 of those months have been spent in some form of fundraising. We never dreamed we would be fully funded before receiving a match but God knows what we need and is so good to give us more than we ask or imagine.

So what does this mean for Standard Goods? We are going to continue working in our little leather shop to help cover the un-forseen costs we know will arise (things like increased airfare, medical needs, upgrading our hotel room in China, a new stroller, etc.).  We will no longer be promoting the shop as a means of raising funds for our adoption but will be giving a percentage of sales each month to loving and serving the needs of orphans and widows in our community and around the world.

We want to thank the many, many friends and family members who have given towards our adoption. We've received countless cards with checks and anonymous "gifts" in envelopes over the last year. Our matching grant was met within weeks of announcing it and events like the Adoption Banquet at Radiant, the fireworks booth in July, and the Handmade Holiday sale were huge in helping bring in the funds needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved in helping bring our baby home.

We serve a mighty God who is a father to the fatherless. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks...there is more news coming soon!!