Friday, October 4, 2013

Focus Group: iPhone Sleeves and Front Pocket Wallets

I'm finding little scraps of leather all over my house. Cheerios still rank at the top of the list, but little scraps of leather are pulling a close second. My husband and I have been cranking out product for an upcoming "Maker's Market" craft fair in a couple of weeks. Not only is it our first craft fair, it is our first time making something that we think other people might want to buy. It's actually kinda terrifying. We are putting a lot of time into this aspect of funding our adoption and praying it pans out.

So, want to be my blog focus group? Here are some pictures of what we've been working on. Tell me what you think...
This is our iPhone sleeve. We have 4/4s and 5 versions.
Here is our Front Pocket Wallet. Perfect replacement for a guy's bulky wallet.
This picture doesn't show it well, but along with the front slot, there is also a center pocket.
All in all you could use this to carry your ID, a couple credit cards, and some cash. 
The next three wallets are the more feminine versions of the Front Pocket Wallet.
Perfect for switching between a purse and diaper bag :). 
Another Front Pocket Wallet in Urbane Coral.
And our last Front Pocket Wallet in Napoleonic Blue.
Now let's say, hypothetically, you LOVE what you see and just HAVE to have one. Or maybe you've been starting to plan your Christmas list and are stumped at what to put in your hubby's stocking this year. Or maybe your getting married soon and your fiance needs help finding hip groomsman's gifts...

We are working on an Etsy shop where we will sell our goodies. BUT if you want to put in a pre-order, you can do that here on the blog! Just leave a comment on this post and let me know what you want. The iPhone sleeves are $40 and the Front Pocket Wallets are $25. 100% of our sales go directly towards bringing our baby home from China!

These are super cool, folks. And they look even cooler the more you use them. Since we start with untreated leather, they are a bit stiff and and a lighter color. After a few days of use, however, they get to the perfect balance of stiff/flexible and the leather begins to darken.

Alright focus group, that's my pitch. What do you think??


  1. Hello, I met Tim at Valley Ortho today and was blessed by your story... he mentioned your blog and whilst i was reading it my husband was looking over my shoulder! He was impressed by your leather works and would like to order a phone case for the iphone 5 and a wallet please. Our email address is
    Thanks so much!
    Shi Sutter

  2. The case features a few cut-ins to let you keep the cards and cash. iphone 4 wallet